Reno 911!, Season 2

There can’t be much more said about this show. It’s brilliant and trashy, and few other shows can get away with those two adjectives being compliments in the same sentence. Whatever weird, gross world Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant, and Kerri Kenney-Silver established somewhere in the desert, I sort of want to be apart of it.

Overall, I loved the first season more, because I was just discovering the absurdities of each celebrity cameo; when Jim Rash and Nick Swardson came around again in this season, it wasn’t as surprising (though it was just as funny). In fact, I still think Swardson’s Terry might be my favorite part of the show. Terry worked in a prison throughout this season, with the shirt of his orange jumpsuit tied high above his navel. A sight to behold.

This season also attempted a few more plotty twists, from Weigel getting a boyfriend to Johnson and Garcia dating to Jones and Garcia getting busted for beating up Nat Faxon in a slushee outfit. I’m not sure these standard-esque TV tropes actually helped the show, but I sure did enjoy The State’s bizarre interpretation of them. I also really loved how Weigel (Kenney-Silver) and Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui) got a bit more playing time this season. Weigel was pretty dumb throughout the first season, and this time around they gave her the opportunity to be funnier; that is, the characters laughed with her a little more often than at her. And Garcia got to be his honkey self, making out with Johnson (Wendi McClendon-Covey) and doing his best rastafarian impression with Jones (Cedric Yarbrough).

My biggest complaint, however, is that my two favorite characters basically took a backseat. There was too little Dangle (Lennon) and Williams (Niecy Nash), and those two are by far the characters that make the show. The short shorts and the plastered curls? More like this, please.

As usual, I look forward to more trailer trash and hysterical bleeping–and, hopefully, another Michael Ian Black cameo. He makes a great sick kid, doesn’t he?