I find high people funnier than drunk people. By that rationale, I find Super Troopers funnier than Beerfest. But I still laughed plenty at Beerfest, though I pulled a Bruno and half-watched the whole thing whilst planning for a trip. I don’t really think I did it any disrespect, but I felt full disclaimers were in order, for some reason.

The whole crew that runs with Jay Chandrasekhar is a weird, bro-y bunch, but they know how to make ’em laugh in a variety of ways. I like to think that Super Troopers was on the subtler side, in part due to the marijuana, whereas Beerfest basically overwhelmed the visual palette with, well, lots of beer and stereotypical German things. It’s not as dumb as it really could have been, though, and with a title like Beerfest, you know it could have been. There was a lot of quiet humor built into this movie’s obnoxious exterior. I have to say that I was a little disappointed not to hear this song (though I did love hearing this one). And I was also quite surprised to see both Cloris Leachman and Donald Sutherland in a movie of this… nature. And then there was the masturbating-a-frog scene. And the fact that Will Forte and Nat Faxon both played fake German people. And the fact that Fink (Steve Lemme) took a hit, chugged a pint, downed a shot, and exhaled. And the fact that Barry (Jay, not going to type his last name, it’s not racist just lazy) ate a tomato in one bite. That last one really cracked me up.

If ever I need to drink a boot of beer, though, I now know how to do it. Educational! Who know?