Super Troopers

It’s simple. If you don’t find the following clip funny, you probably won’t enjoy this movie.

I came into this movie with low expectations, and came out of it wishing I had watched as a teenager with a bunch of dude friends. Only then, I imagine, would I possess the full appreciation for it that most my age do. It’s a bro comedy, but not in the obnoxious sense that we’re familiar with now. I only say “bro” because, for the most part, men dig this movie. The occasional lady with a decent sense of humor–and I’m going to include myself in that group–would also dig, and I think it’s because the humor is subtler than you might expect. Sure, there’s an unnecessarily long shot of the least attractive guy in the movie’s schlong, but this movie isn’t dependent on star power as comedies are these days. In fact, the only stars I can remember off the top of my head are Jim Gaffigan (in the afore-embedded clip) and That Same Guy Who Also Played An Important Military-esque Character in Malcolm in the Middle. [Actually, full disclaimer, when I looked him up just now, I remember that I recognized Geoffrey Arend, a.k.a. Mr. Christina Hendricks, because he played the guy at the beginning who has to eat all the weed. Nice.]

Isn’t it nice to watch a movie where you don’t know who any of the actors are? Kinda transports you into the story, you know, the way it’s supposed to happen when you watch something entertaining. Again, this movie wasn’t exactly made with the intention of getting people to think deeply, but even with farcical comedy, it’s still possible to get lost in the comedy. This here flick is a classic, and that’s all I have to say for meow.