It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 4

Firstly and foremostly, I need to say that “The Nightman Cometh” exceeded my expectations greatly, and this has only ever happened with Inception and The Wire. Wow, I just made a really bold statement. I may regret that later. Probably not. Speaking of regrets, I’m pissed I never watched this show earlier on, because then I would have seen this episode and it would have made sense for me to go to the live show that happened here and in like six other cities a couple years ago. But that is in the past, and I have to move on. Because I am a master of karate and friendship for everyone!

This season was a wee bit hit or miss, and by that I mean that it was inconsistent. Some of the episodes were really mediocre, as in “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack,” and others were beyond brilliant, as in the aforementioned Nightman and the “Liberty Bell” episode, the “Extreme Makeover” episode, and the “Mac and Charlie Die” two-parter. And while this season contained a revival of the green man and a lot of the Waitress, I felt that there was a severe lack of McPoyle twin action. This show could stand to rely more on its inside jokes, rather than aim for standalone episodes every week. (Though that does make the show easier to tune into.)

Besides the Nightman, though, I have to say that my favorite episode was “Who Pooped the Bed?” The title alone is comedically brilliant, but add in the whole conspiracy theory thing, and the fact that the word “poop” is funny no matter what, and you’ve got a televisionary classic. This is the kind of television, or probably the only kind of television, that makes you question your own bowel movements.

I feel like Danny DeVito got the chance to say some pretty wicked one-liners this season, too. In one episode, Frank and Dennis attend an orgy full of fat people, which obviously contained a buffet, and Frank (in a half-assed bird costume) uttered this gem: “This beak is interfering with my nosh.” Also, when Mac read Dennis’ erotic tales aloud, Frank said, “I’m all boned up over here.” God. These things are too good not to be said, and should only be said by Frank. Though I may have to use that last one, if I can get away with it.

When you see weird, wild television like this, you’re reminded of how eye-rolling laugh tracks and sitcom structure and multiple cameras can be. Budgets are distracting. Big paychecks detract from the grittiness. And It’s Always Sunny is the definition of a gritty comedy. It’s the real thing. No polished outfits, not a lot of makeup, and yet they made do with less.