Of course I have to air my grievances about the Emmy nominations, because it’s what I do.

Alright, here’s my beef, and whatever the opposite of beef is in a literary context, with the 2011 Emmy nominations. Ready, set, bitch!

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
I’m regular psyched for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, because those two are brilliant no matter what. And I’m super psyched for Melissa McCarthy and Martha Plimpton, because they are long-overdue for accolades. Especially McCarthy; Molly Flynn isn’t even her strongest role to date. She was brilliant as Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, and definitely stole Bridesmaids from Kristen Wiig. But I just don’t think Edie Falco and Laura Linney belong in this category, and it’s not that they aren’t talented. They’re phenomenal. They’re just not comedic actresses on their Showtime shows, which Falco made clear in one of her own recent acceptance speeches. I’d like to see It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Kaitlin Olson get some credit already, as well as Emmy Rossum for her badassness in Shameless. All is not lost, though: At least Lea Michele was not nominated again. She’s great, but she’s not funny.

Lead Actor In A Comedy Series
I’m not sure that both Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons needed to be nominated here, but it’s nice that Galecki got some kudos. And it’s fucking awesome that Louis C.K. got some recognition for his weird-ass, amazing show. (Same goes for Matt LeBlanc!) But this year belongs to Steve Carell. He’s long overdue, and if Alec Baldwin wins for the 80th time, he should just hand the trophy over. (I think Charlie Day, Joel McHale, and Josh Radnor got snubbed, too, but what do I know?)

Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series
Look, I’m glad Betty White got her Emmy last year for her winning guest stint on SNL, but that ship has sailed. She’s not acting on Hot in Cleveland. Let’s get over ourselves. Everything else in this category is pretty much business as usual, though I think Jane Krakowski really deserves it. She never gets enough love as Jenna, and Jenna would say the same. I’d also argue that Vanessa Williams was pretty great on Desperate Housewives this past year.

Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
Modern Family is great, but not 2/3 of the category great. Stonestreet already won, so give the chance to the guys who are really acting in this category, O’Neill and Burrell. It’s also a little ridiculous that Chris Colfer was nominated again, but whatever. His ego is already shot to hell, so there’s no point in lamenting it. (I always had a soft spot for Kevin McHale, though, and I think he’s been doing the most actual acting on Glee…) I would have loved to see Jack McBrayer get a nomination, or basically anyone from The Office (Rainn Wilson? Ed Helms? Helloooooo?) And Bill Hader has done some magnificent stuff on SNL this past year. And Danny DeVito is still going strong on IASIP. And all of the guys on The League are fucking hilarious. And Nick Offerman on Parks and Rec, and Danny Pudi on Community, and… basically, what I’m trying to say is that this category is absurd.

Comedy Series
It would be a crime if Parks and Recreation did not take this category. It’s 150% deserved.

Lead Actress In A Drama Series
Are you kidding me, Kathy Bates? What a joke. Nobody watches Harry’s Law. Connie Britton has more than earned this award, though if Elisabeth Moss gets it, I wouldn’t be disappointed, either. (Anna Torv, Stana Katic, and Lauren Graham were snubbed, too, but they’ll have a few more years with their shows. I hope.)

Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Really pumped that Timothy Olyphant got a nomination, but this award belongs to Kyle Chandler. I do wish Tim Roth had gotten something for his mesmerizing three-year turn on Lie to Me, though. And Michael Imperioli was fascinating on the short-lived Detroit 1-8-7, but I suppose nothing will ever compare to Christopher Moltisanti. Peter Krause and Jeffrey Donovan, here’s hoping you get some love next year.

Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Go Christine Baranski! Your necklaces should win awards on their own! (Parenthood‘s Monica Potter shoulda been nominated. Just sayin’.)

Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
I love me some Josh Charles and Alan Cumming, but I’ve heard too much awesome about Peter Dinklage on Game of Thrones not to root for him. He better get it. (And Emmy people, listen to me when I tell you that I’ll start a riot if John Noble is not nominated next year. And what about Alexander Skarsgard? Nothing? Weak.)

Drama Series
It’s sort of a crime that Dexter has never actually won in this category. Let’s try to change that this year, since last season was an amazing comeback after the Season 4 heartbreak. (I wouldn’t be disappointed if FNL took it, though. I just wish Fringe had been nominated, but I’ll shut up now.)

Oh, and can the Emmy people just give Idris Elba the award he was nominated for? The Wire was snubbed when it was on, which is a well-known crime, but I think we can all agree that it would be extremely enjoyable to see that man in a suit making a speech.

Over and out, folks. What are your reactions to the nominations?