The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee

I finally got around to reading Sarah Silverman’s autobiography, people. And I have a rather bold statement to make: I think I liked it more than Tina Fey’s book. I will attempt to back up my claims henceforth.

Firstly, it’s in a more logical order. In that it’s mostly in order of time. I appreciated that. Secondly, there were more pictures. I like pictures. And thirdly (here’s the doozy, I fucking love you Tina Fey but I have to say it), it’s effortless. As much as I enjoyed Bossypants, I found it forced. Fey’s jokes were funny, but they were very deliberate and intentional. And I never really understood why she wrote the memoir anyway. She didn’t seem to have some sort of deep-set issue that she wanted to discuss, nor is she reflecting on her long-over career. I feel like those are the two main reasons for writing a memoir, and the Fey is far from both. And while Silverman’s career is thriving, too, her words seemed to flow effortlessly, without trying to be funny but while still maintaining her clear, zany voice. In fact, the book took several very serious turns, particularly when she discussed her chronic bedwetting. And I can understand how writing a book about it (but not all about it) would be very cathartic.

So I applaud Sarah Silverman for her bravery. It couldn’t have been an easy thing to rehash, and she did it gracefully but without dwelling on it too much. She also opened up about her experiences at Saturday Night Live, The Sarah Silverman Programme (as she wanted it spelled), The Larry Sanders Show, and more. And for all of her gross-out, sarcastic humor, I found her non-comedic voice to be incredibly sweet and charming and honest, which I think is really admirable. Reading this book gave me a better idea of where her comedy is coming from, and I like her stuff even more now.

Recently, I’ve started sampling some of the old sketch shows on Comedy Central. I took a liking to Silverman’s and Nick Swardson’s hilarious commentary on the podcasts I listened to, so I tried out an episode each of their shows. After twenty-two minutes of each, I decided that the only Swardson sketch worth watching was the Peeus. Conversely, TSSP was weird and surreal and great. I can’t wait to watch more.

I don’t know what it is about Sarah Silverman that makes her so appealing. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s so gorgeous but insists on wearing cargo pants and ringer tee-shirts. Maybe it’s her incredibly ability to keep a straight face. Maybe it’s her undeniable embrace of the potty humor that we should all be as excited to laugh at. She exudes this unique confidence, knowing full well that she cannot be contained in a stereotype. The only way to describe her is to say her name, and the only way to understand her comedy is to watch it. And read her book. Just watch out for the awkward penis photo at the end. Caught me off guard when I was reading in a restaurant.