I’ve been listening to other comedy podcasts

Several short days ago, I wrote about my love-hate relationship with The Nerdist podcast and, specifically, with Chris Hardwick as its loudmouthed host. I’m happy and Emersonially proud to state that I have changed my mind. Well, sort of. The point is that The Nerdist is now my favorite comedy podcast. I love Matt, Jonah, and Chris, and I will continue to listen—and potentially be their only female and/or twentysomething listener. Dig it.

Why this change of heart? It’s simple, really. Comparatively speaking, Chris Hardwick is the most fair and balanced comedy podcast host I’ve listened to thus far. I realize I’m not a longtime podcast listener, so there’s a really good chance that I don’t know what I’m talking about. But his arrogance, while overbearing at times, is also part of his charm, and his nerdiness more than makes up for it. The other thing I like about him is how transparent he is about his past alcoholism—he is an open book, and that’s something to respect. Even more awesome is where he draws the line, which is at misogyny. He’s a dude who loves sick jokes but loves women even more, and his comedy reflects that.

Marc Maron and Jimmy Pardo, on the other hand, make me want to punch my newly purchased iPod. The only reason I listen to them is because of the incredible guests they manage to score, despite their rude, disgusting, egomaniacal schticks. Maron is less offensive than Pardo; at least Maron shuts up and lets his guests talk (after a 10-minute, unfunny rant at the beginning of each podcast episode). But Jimmy Pardo is really the worst. He loves the sound of his own voice so much that he’ll fill dead air on the podcast with his nasally “uhhhh” as he’s trying to come up with something inevitably stupid to say. I wish he’d close up shop and let his sidekick do more of the talking. Oh, and maybe let his guests get a word in edgewise, too.

I’ve also been listening to Pop My Culture, per the recommendation of Nathan Fillion on the Nerdist podcast, and Doug Loves Movies. I have to say that Pop My Culture is generally pleasant, with its random questions and lighthearted theme, but Cole Stratton can sometimes take on Chris Hardwick’s know-it-all stance and it grates on me. Vanessa Ragland, on the other hand, is delightful. Generally, though, I enjoy this podcast because it’s endlessly creative, and it seems like the guests are having a nice time shooting the shit. Doug Loves Movies is hilarious, and I’d love to attend a live taping of it at some point. Doug Benson gathers 3-5 celebrities in a room, plays the Leonard Maltin game with them (a quiz show of his own making), and lets them run wild. The Swardson/Kroll/Hardwick episode is hysterical. Just saying.

So there you have it, folks. I’ve made the foray into podcasting, and this is what I have to say for myself. What say ye?



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