Hot damn, Jon Hamm.

I could basically say that about anything he’s in, but it seemed more appropriate for this instance. In Bridesmaids, Jon Hamm doesn’t even have a huge part. He plays Kristen Wiig’s asshole fuck buddy, and he plays it well. So well, in fact, that you actually root against him and for the not-as-handsome-but-definitely-more-charmingly-accented-and-cute Chris O’Dowd, who plays a witty cop with a Thang for Ms. Wiig. And that’s saying a lot for O’Dowd, adorable as he is. It’s just really hard to be better than Jon Hamm at anything, so O’Dowd should take this fictional victory and run a few laps with it.

Yeah, so, I’m basically not going to refer to any of the actors in this movie by their actual character names. That’s no disrespect to the movie at all—in fact, it was fantastic. One of the best comedies I’ve seen in awhile. I genuinely laughed out loud throughout the movie and, while I think there were a couple cliche and/or unnecessary elements, on the whole this movie makes me proud of female comedy writers. It’s up there with Mean Girls, in that it’s snarky, dirty, honest, imperfect, and real. It gives a better representation of how women view themselves and each other, and how they talk when men aren’t there. Which, let’s be real here, is kind of like how dudes talk to each other. We can be gross, too, and I’m glad this movie showed it. I just wish it hadn’t been at the expense of a slightly-overdone barf/shits joke. Though the visual of Maya Rudolph taking a dump in the street was truly magical.

The cast really was phenomenal, though. Kristen Wiig (as I paraphrase from something I think I read via @hitchmichael) really can be both a leading lady and a team player, and she manages to balance both roles with casual grace. It always pleases me to hear that, off camera, she’s totally shy and normal and not “ON!!!” all the time. That can be exhausting. Anyhow, onto the next, which is the aforementioned Rudolph. These two SNL alumnae have a lot in common—they can play sensitive just as well as they can play silly, they can hold straight faces better than anyone else, and they do all of the work but receive very little of the credit on SNL. In fact, I think Rudolph is one of SNL‘s greatest-ever performers, and she was totally overshadowed by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Not that those two don’t deserve it. (LORD KNOWS I LOVE THEM.) Honestly, I think it’s just because Rudolph didn’t seek fame the way that the other two did, and maybe that’s why she hasn’t been as much of a go-to name. But wait! Next TV season, she’ll be in a show with Will Arnett and Christina Applegate, which means Thursday nights will be triple-threat time, with Fey, Poehler, and Rudolph attacking from all sides. It’s going to be magical. Speaking of NBC Thursday night comedies, I think the always-hilarious Michael Hitchcock could spearhead a new one based on the inner workings of that jewelry store. It would fit right in with the workplace themes of The Office and Parks and Recreation. (Just saying.)

And speaking of Mean Girls, Rose Byrne did her most impressive Grown-Up Regina George impression for this movie, and it totally worked. I just wish Wiig’s awful English roommates could have had a couple more lines—as much as I love Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey, their parts weren’t as plot-essential or hilarious as those two British blondes. But we can’t have everything.

I need to give the most credit—well, second-most. Wiig did co-write the script—to Melissa McCarthy. Her butch, Guy Fieri-inspired character brought tears to my eyes several times throughout this movie. I always knew she was a gifted physical comedian, having seen her perform several awkward stunts on Gilmore Girls, but Bridesmaids brought out her inner tomboy and shoved it right in our faces. God, this woman is funny. She should have her own show. Oh, wait…

If you haven’t already seen Bridesmaids, do so now. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what Kristin Wiig is cooking (er, baking) up next…