An open letter to Fringe regarding my thoughts on its Season 3 finale

Oh hey, Fringe. Didn’t see you there. I’ve been meaning to tell you about how mind-blowing I thought your Season 3 finale was. Sorry about the delay; I’ve been busy. But know that when I use the term “mind-blowing,” I mean it seriously (though not literally—people really need to stop over-using the phrase “It literally blew my mind” and start taking semantics classes). I didn’t think it would be easy to turn that penultimate episode into something after the time-travel twist, but you made it look effortless. Props.

Granted, it was a bit of a stretch to see Josh Jackson and Anna Torv fifteen (or was it twenty?) years in the future. They are too young and pretty to age, even with makeup. Actually, the whole cast looked a little too good in the future; John Noble looked exactly the same after Walter’s Solitary Confinement Beard was shaved off, Lance Reddick’s only sign of time passing was a freaky eye, and Astrid actually appeared to get younger, what with her silly mullet. But the whole premise of the thing—how Peter traveled back in time and was able to change the course of his destiny, and of the two universes’ destinies—was so incredibly complex and I really didn’t get most of it and yet, it made total sense. For some strange reason, I trust Pinker and Wyman to deliver something incredible over this next season and, we can only hope, into the future. It’s weird to think that, just two short years ago, I watched no sci-fi. I’m not saying I’m a huge fan of the genre now, but I think it’s a testament to the richness and intrigue of the show when it can attract a noob like me and keep me hanging on for dear life. Maybe I’m not tuned in to all of the genre cliches that my roommates constantly talk about, but Fringe is one of the few shows to genuinely surprise me each week. More frustratingly/enjoyably, it also leaves me with questions. Seeing as “The Day We Died” was the season finale, I had more than my share. I’m hoping you can answer some of them, or at least pose a few of your own.

1. I know I love Lance Reddick more than anyone else ever, so let’s just get this out of the way: What the hell happened to Broyles’ eye? I was completely distracted throughout his entire conversation with Peter when they were discussing Walter’s temporary release. And let’s be real. An eye patch would have been way fucking cooler. And more cost-effective than that stupid CGI and/or contact lens. Whatever though, I’m intrigued.

2. Why is Walternate holding out on telling Peter about his son? Or, rather, why has Peter not figured it out yet? He knows he banged Fauxlivia, he knows his DNA is the only way to make the machine work, and it’s my understanding that the Other Side used Henry’s DNA to turn the machine on. Right?

3. Why is it taking the world so long to end? Wasn’t doomsday supposed to happen in the season finale’s present-day setting? Why is stuff still burning in the future?

4. Where did Peter go? I know Pacey isn’t going to get fired or anything, but when he disappeared at the end of the episode because he didn’t exist anymore, my heart almost skipped a beat.

5. How are they going to film all those split-screen scenes next season? Shit could get rough.

6. How much longer until Season 4?

Okay, so I let the letter format slide. But I hope that, despite the snark and questions, my love for this show shines through. Just like Peter. See you in the fall, Fringe.