Louis CK: Chewed Up

It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love Louis CK. His standup is so pure, so real, so genius. It’s completely devoid of all schtick, all punchlines, all smirks, all winks. It’s just raw truth, and as he makes so plainly clear, the truth is the funniest thing we have.

I’m sure many of Louis CK’s stories are partially fabricated for the sake of comedy—after all, aren’t most of them? Comedians can’t rely on their own experiences for all of their material. But CK’s delivery is so brutally honest and sincere that you believe every single thing he’s saying. He’s also one of the few comedians who can talk about his health, wife, and kids, without being annoying about it, because he highlights universal truths and brings people together with his commentary, rather than alienating them with his own esoteric day-to-day happenings. Observe:

Louis CK is also Not A Celebrity. He’s a normal guy, puttering around with his own comedic genius and trying new things to see what works. His show, Louie, is a perfect example of that. If you haven’t seen it, please do. It will make you cry and frown and giggle and a bunch of other things.

Anyway, back to the Chewed Up standup. It’s vulgar, sure, but it’s also valid and well-explained. Louis CK has a knack for calling out society about its ills and inconsistencies without being offensive about it. Here, he points out the advantages of being white:

I could elaborate more about how fantastic and innovative this guy is, but I think his comedy really speaks for itself. It’s observational humor without the fluff, it’s everything you wish you knew how to say in an eloquent, laconic, precise way, and it’s some of the best comedy out there right now.