G.I. Jane

Can someone tell me why Demi Moore got the Razzie Award for Worst Actress? I thought she did a stellar job in this movie!

I found myself way more into this movie than I thought I’d be. But how can you blame me when it’s a story about a woman joining the Navy SEALs and blowing shit up with all the boys? Inspirational, if you ask me.

Jordan O’Neil, the woman in question, had to put up with a lot of crap, and I don’t just mean the rigorous training sessions that had my stomach turning as I watched her complete them. She was constantly told she couldn’t succeed, she had to comply with random double standards, she faced sexual harrassment, she rarely received respect, she was accused of being a lesbian, and she had to ignore the increasing media attention on her plight as the first lady SEAL. That’s a lot to deal with while undergoing the most intense physical training in the military (and probably the world).

Oh, and PS, Demi Moore got CUT for this movie. Her physical transformation was incredible. She started out buff, to be sure, because she was playing a lady lieutenant already, but it’s plain that she underwent a lot of training for the role, and gradually built up her muscle mass as the movie went on to parallel her character Jordan’s increasing strength and skill. The scenes where Jordan does hanging crunches and one-handed pushups are painful to watch, but they’re also so BADASS. Who cares if they were a little cliche?

And then there was the scene where Jordan shaves her head, which obviously had to be done in one take. Nice work, Demi. You could have screwed that one up royally. And who else but Demi Moore could look awesome with a skull cap?

I’m not saying this was a life-changing movie or anything, but it certainly made me think about the military in a different way. G.I. Jane gives you this tiny window into the specific, lonely lives of soldiers, how they bond with each other in dire circumstances, how they function at such an intense level, and why they end up being so screwed up after their service is over. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat (when the shit is hitting the fan) and slumped back in thought. Not bad for a Ridley Scott blockbuster, eh?