(Someone tell me why I couldn’t pay attention to) Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

I grew up in Clint Eastwood country. Translation: I grew up in Steinbeck country. Translation: I grew up in the Monterey-Salinas area of California. There’s an understanding among us townies that we watch all of Clint’s movies and we read all of John’s books. Too bad I’m uninformed in both categories. It’s not that I’m avoiding them! I just prefer to watch and read other things.

For the record, I’m reading The Grapes of Wrath right now, so I’m making a dent in the written part of the deal. But the visuals are a little tougher. When I saw Midnight in the On Demand movies, I jumped at the chance because Clint directed, because John Cusack starred, and because an old friend of mine created her online username in honor of this movie. And yet, after about 30 minutes, I lost all interest in it. I know there was a trial, I know that Cusack’s Kelso character wrote for Town and Country magazine, I know the movie portrayed Savannah as a weird voodoo town, I know that Jude Law had a fantastic American accent, and I know that Kevin Spacey shot Law’s character. But even with all of those factors working in the favor of the movie, and in my favor too, I couldn’t bring myself to pay attention. Nothing struck me as attention-grabbing.

Is there anyone else out there who agrees? Or anyone who thinks I should give this flick a second chance sometime? I don’t want to be ignorant. My ears are open.