Cedar Rapids

One of my many, very specific mottos is this: Ed Helms is basically the best part of anything he does. If you don’t believe me, click here, here, here, and here for four of his best moments from The Office (and four of the best moments from The Office in general). The man is an effortless comedic genius. So, of course, I had to see his new movie.

Too bad he wasn’t the funniest part of it AT ALL! He was Tim Lippi, straight man to Isaiah Whitlock (a.k.a. Clay Davis from The Wire) and Anne Heche and John C. Reilly. And let me tell you, Reilly stole the show. As much as I hate to give the spotlight to someone other than Helms, Reilly was hysterical in this otherwise ho-hum indie flick. He took every scene up ten disgusting notches with his dirty jokes (What do you call an anorexic girl with a yeast infection? A quarter-pounder with cheese.) and his drunk-acting was top-notch. If you’re going to see this movie, be prepared to laugh really hard and abandon most of your morals. Not necessarily in that order.

Cedar Rapids is not a bad movie; it’s actually quite charming! It’s just that the characters that Helms, Whitlock, Heche, and even Reilly play are so believably boring that it’s a little hard to imagine them all going this wild during an insurance sales conference. It’s almost like The Hangover has had this wicked influence on all other buddy-comedy movies made since (and this one happens to star Ed Helms again). Hollywood is telling us loud and clear that normal guys, even sheltered, homely types, can have a good time and kick it with prostitutes (Alia Shawkat, a.k.a. Maeby) and date Sigourney Weaver. Maybe regular guys can do all that, who knows? I’d just as soon watch a movie with fewer “crazy weekends,” though. It’s getting a little tired.

But like I said, if you want to hear some priceless dirty jokes and see all of those actors slightly out of their element, Cedar Rapids is your jam.