It Might Get Loud

I could watch movies like this all day.

Which is not to say that it was one of the best movies or anything. It was pretty good. But when I see documentaries about music and behind-the-scenes and things like that, I get PUMPED. So bear with me.

This film sets out to explore the experience of the electric guitarist from three really awesome perspectives: Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page. Yeah. All three of them were in the same room together, shooting the breeze about licks and technology and chords and all this stuff, and a lot of it didn’t make sense. They were in their own little rock world, exchanging battle stories and histories and whatnot. Then, the stories branched out. Jack White talked about his Detroit days, The Edge visited his old school in Ireland, Jimmy Page talked about the war when he was living in England. The director and writer, Davis Guggenheim, even tried some symbolic experimental stuff, like having Jack White interact with a 9-year-old actor/version of himself. Didn’t really work. So there’s that.

But the real joy in this movie, obviously, was seeing these guys talk together and jam together and teach each other their greatest riffs and explore their most difficult moments as songwriters. And watching them re-live concerts, talk about their bands, explain their rise to fame, it’s all in there. The movie is fascinating on that level, and even if some of the stories are left unresolved and unexplained, it’s a music geek’s dream.