Field of Dreams

So, Kevin Costner, or Ray whatever his name is, is CRAZY in this movie! Doesn’t anyone see that? He hears voices! He hallucinates baseball players! He tears down his fields to build a different kind of field! He travels around in a van doing a mental scavenger hunt! Um, daddy issues, hello?

But seriously, folks. This movie is actually really charming, which is a little painful for me to say because I’m not the biggest fan of Kevin Costner. He’s slimy. But he’s so stupid charming even with his dumb tan and tight Dad jeans and whatnot, so I’ll give him a pass on this one. It’s a classic. Anyway, yeah, so I’m not sure where this story came from, or what the point of it was, because I never actually knew the full story before I finally got around to watching this movie. All I know is that the whole road trip element took me by surprise. All of a sudden he was about to get a beatdown from JEJ, then he was picking up a hitchhiker, then his dad showed up and everything was okay? But all the baseball players disappeared back into the cornfield? I don’t get it. What’s going to happen to his house? Why doesn’t Timothy Busfield wear a beard more often? These are the important questions, I think.

I really did like Amy Madigan, though. She was adorable, as was the kid that played their kid. Also, their characters went to Berkeley, which is obviously okay with me. I guess my beef with this movie, as heartwarming as it was, has to do with how NUTS the storyline is, and how normalized it becomes as the movie progresses. There is another movie I watched recently about hallucination. It’s called A Beautiful Mind, and it’s true, and the main character is schizophrenic. Ray, the main character in Field of Dreams, is a Nut Job. I was rooting for him the whole time, but I was also hoping that his wife had a backup plan for her and the kid. Get him in therapy, get out of Iowa, move back to Berkeley.

But that’s America, isn’t it? Projection. Ambition. Disillusionment. This weird movie captures all of those things in one neat little package.