Sunshine Cleaning

Not great, not bad, but interesting enough—AGAIN!—to make me think that I, too, could write a movie. So… inspirational?

Yes, and I’m not just being egotistical here. This movie was a dark comedy, but also one about believing in yourself. Amy Adams was Rose something-or-other, some really fake Movie Last Name, and she wanted to do something with her life with the skills she had. So she heard that people make bank cleaning up crime scenes and enlisted her sister to start the business with her. Her sister screws up along the way, her son needs to go to private school, she is the “other woman” in an affair, blah blah blah, her father helps them out, all works out in the end. It’s not a complex story, but at least the characters seemed normal, and not trying-too-hard-to-be-normal normal.

I think that normalcy is attributed to the actors. Amy Adams is endlessly likable, and Emily Blunt is too, even when she’s speaking with an American accent and sporting all kinds of tattoos and a studded belt. That woman has talent. Her British accent could only be heard a couple times, when she got emotional. But it happens to the best of ’em; even Dominic West couldn’t hide his UK-ness on The Wire because Jimmy McNulty got heated so much.

I digress. The depth of this movie came from the sisters’ backstory, which was that their mother committed suicide so they had to deal with these bloody scenes as part of their job, which kind of sucked. But the whole thing was so sincere, not contrived, so it was pleasant, almost enjoyable. A creative, simple story, a cast of respectable actors, and enough humor to keep things light when they need to be. Sometimes, you just want to watch a movie and enjoy it for no reason. I think you can do that with this one.

PS, Clifton Collins Jr? I saw a resemblance between him and JGL. Just saying.