I Love You, Man

Aww, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel and Rashida Jones. Three of my favorite people being funny and silly for about two hours. Hard to complain about that.

I wasn’t expecting this movie to be as awkward as it was. But I’m really glad it turned out that way—it almost seems like the two leads improvised a great portion of the script and just went with it. The Rush jam sessions, the silly nicknames they gave each other, the dog-walking and pointless conversations, all of it seemed like real dude-talking bonding time. Or at least what I think of when I think of that.

Weirdly enough, I started thinking about the whole concept of the movie, though, and they do make a point. Once you reach a certain age, it is really difficult to meet new friends. I couldn’t imagine being in my mid-thirties with no one to hang out with but my significant other. How do you break that cycle? How do you put yourself out there in a platonic way? It’s a very unnatural feeling. I think this movie captured that surprisingly well.

If you’re looking for a few random, solid laughs—and you’d like to see Andy Samberg play a gay man and Jason Segel strut around in a pair of Ugg boots—check it out.