Six Feet Under, Season 2

I’m still convinced that this show has the best full acting ensemble of any show on television. Truly no weak links. Everyone is delivering deep, deep performances all the time. It’s phenomenal.

It seemed like Keith got a lot more (bitchy) screen time this season. I say the “bitchy” in parentheses because, while he was fascinating to watch, he was also incredibly frustrating. David dealt with a lot of his emotional problems, which stemmed from a self-defense shooting and a brutal outburst, all the while harboring his own issues about Kroner and Nate and everything else. (But at least Kroner went under! No more stupid Mitzi crazy chick! That storyline was getting old anyway.)

This family gets more screwed up as the seasons go by, and yet it’s so tough to take your eyes off of them. Nate now has some crazy-ass brain disease, Brenda is supposedly a sex addict, Claire has the desire to get into art school, Federico finally came into some money, and Ruth has a grandchild to ddevote her attention to. Yet, this season, the characters also made some significant (and beneficial) changes in their lives. Ruth ditched Nikolai, Claire ditched Gabe, David came out, and Nate embraced his newfound fatherhood. After watching them all suffer (and live very morbid lives) it’s nice to see them happy, even for a fleeting moment.

I really don’t think I can say enough about the acting. There are times when you lose yourself in their actionsโ€”when Peter Krause and Rachel Griffiths worked themselves into a frenzy for Nate and Brenda’s fight, or when Lauren Ambrose let go and finally allowed Claire to cry, or when Frances Conroy broke things off for Ruthโ€”and you realize just how difficult and intricate acting is. These actors are so effortless and natural in their delivery, yet they obviously work so hard to achieve the feel of the show.

I can’t wait to see the next three seasons. Who knew a show about death could be so… lively?