Big Love, Season 4

Yeah, okay. That was just about as batshit crazy as I heard it would be. Let’s go over the madness, shall we?

I think the first moment that made me laugh out loud was when Joey dug up Roman’s body from the grave and Wanda started puking everywhere. But wait, what about when Nicki found Roman’s body in the freezer? Or when Frank and Lois roadtripped to Mexico? Or when Ben and Margene made out? Or when Alby started sleeping with that dude? Or when that dude hung himself? Or when JJ decided he was going to marry Adeline? Or when JJ started harvesting women’s eggs? Or when Bill decided to run for office? Or when Ana showed up and asked for money? Or when Lois cut off Hollis Green’s arm? Or when… ugh. This show is nuts!

I understand completely why fans were angry about this season. It crammed so much unnecessary, over-the-top BS into 9 action-packed episodes that it didn’t seem like it was the same show anymore. The writers tried to mask it by having the four parents weigh down their self-indulgent speeches with talk of “family” this and “family” that, but it made no difference. The decisions that this fucked-up family was making weren’t for the good of anyone. Everyone was borderline psychotic! It was all self-righteous jibber-jabber!

Aside from the ridiculous twists and turns this season, or in any season for that matter, Big Love can always be counted on for tremendous acting, even if it is through such unbelievable dialogue. Alby is still, by far, my favorite character, and his storyline this season was truly the most heartbreaking. In the midst of all this selfish behavior on the part of Bill Henrickson fulfilling his stupid destiny and whatnot, you have a man like Alby struggling with homosexuality, something he believes is so wrong but feels so right to him. And you have Dale, his lover, who had been attending realignment classes and therapy and all that for thirty years. These men believe there is something truly wrong with them, and that they won’t get to meet their Heavenly Father because they’re gay. That is the true tragedy in this story, and perhaps the most fundamental fault of the religion, polygamist or not. It’s so heartbreaking to watch these two men torture themselves, and worse when you’re on the side that’s rooting for them. And knowing that there are men and women in the LDS community like this—well, all I can say is that I hope they see the show and break free from the chains of their religion. Matt Ross was magnificent this season, and I can’t wait to see what happens to him in the fifth and final.

In the season finale, the Henricksons came out of the plural marriage closet. This is a TV show, so ultimately I suppose I’m rooting for this large family to not be shunned by the public. But it is painful to watch something like this, something that I disagree with so wholeheartedly. In a way, it’s almost worse than watching something like Dexter. Many think Dexter is a tough road to follow because you have to swallow your morals and accept the fact that you’re rooting for a serial killer. But while Dexter cleans up the streets and eliminates his own murderous kind from the population, the Henricksons have infiltrated the government with the hopes of proselytizing and legalizing their way of life. They’re spreading the gospel, literally, whereas Dexter (thus far) has forced no one to drink his Kool Aid. See what I mean?

In any case, I’ll be tuning in for Season 5. I hope Bill, Barb, Nicki, and Margene become significantly less burdened. They seem to have hurt themselves more than helped by joining this family, by proclaiming it something bigger and more important than themselves. I hope I find out they’re right.