Home Alone

Yes, this movie was released in 1990 and yes, I’m only getting around to watching it now. Biggest surprise: The shot of Culkin with his hands on his cheeks is not because he was scared, but rather because the aftershave he applied to his babyface STUNG.

Anyway, this John Hughes classic was cute, but kind of a let-down. I expected it to be so epic (which was the case with the much-built-up Breakfast Club), but I found myself checking to see how much time was left before it was over. Macaulay Culkin, however, was adorable. I can see why he shot to such child star heights, and also why he plummeted so quickly. He had this mature charisma about him, and reading up on his life I found that he was basically the most successful kid actor since Shirley Temple. That’s a big deal.

I loved the obstacle-course of torture he put Joe Pesci and his buddy through, but I think the reason why I didn’t like this movie that much was because I didn’t like any of the other characters. Pesci and company were such “D’oh” heads and the rest of little Kevin McAllister’s family was so stupid and selfish, it was hard to root for Kevin’s family to return to him. But I do like the message I got out of the whole thing in the end, which is that we don’t often give kids enough credit for being smart. I’m not saying to leave your kid home alone anytime soon, but if it happened, they might surprise you in a good way.