Dexter, Season 3

And so I continue to beat the following dead horse: Michael C. Hall is a sexy, talented genius. Season 3 was phenomenal, as was to be expected. Jimmy Smits proved to be a formidable, scary, charismatic opponent for Hall—as well as a lovable colleague for LaGuerta.

Before I gush a little more, though, mentioning LaGuerta reminded me of my two complaints about this season. One: I realized that LaGuerta has become the show’s most tragic figure. First it was Deb, but since she hooked onto good guy Anton, things are looking up for the former Mrs. Ice Truck Killer-to-be. Anyway, LaGuerta lost her best friend James Doakes, then her best friend Ellen Wolf, then her best friend Miguel Prado. It’s so sad! I hope Season 4 makes her a little happier. My other complaint is that Julie Benz and Hall don’t have THAT much chemistry. I mean, they have some, but the character of Dexter puts up such a wall that it’s so not believable for me to see him as a doting dad and husband. The season finale definitely broke down some of those barriers, though. His protective instincts are believable, and knowing what I know about Season 4, shit is only going to get deeper.

Moving on. I love Joey Quinn. He’s one of the lazy good guys. Desmond Harrington was faced with a challenge, in entering such a solid machine right in the middle, but I think he did a great job of being understated and real. His chemistry with Jennifer Carpenter is so palpable, too. But I really love Dexter. I love when he finds humor in his sickness, I love when he accepts a challenge, I love when he’s one step ahead of his enemies, and I love how good he is at his job. Hall is such a fascinating actor to watch, just because he embodies his characters so fully. It’s hard to understand what he’s like in real life, besides likable, but I’d like to think that David Fisher and Dexter Morgan have Hall’s most human qualities about them, and because he’s so likable, it translates to his screen work. It’s been said before, but I’ll pretty much watch this man in anything.

I’m also looking forward to seeing what’s coming up for Sarge Angel Batista. He’s the most lovable character on the show, except for his little dalliance with prostitutes, but he’s such a good guy that you can even give him a pass for that. Characters like Batista are the reason why the show works: Every actor is there to serve Hall, of course, since he is playing the main and most fascinating character, but the side characters don’t necessarily hide behind the Dexter wall, either. They have their own realistic lives and quirks and tendencies, and they make me want to work in the Miami Metro Police Department. I mean, wouldn’t you? The blood spatter analyst brings in donuts all the time.