Now that I’m into The Walking Dead, I feel like I could handle any zombie media item. Maybe even a zombie attack. Okay, that’s just hubris, but I’m totally buying into the zombie trend. It’s loads of fun. And so was this cute movie!

Yeah, I said it. But when you combine the adorable Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, and a theme park, it’s hard to go wrong. Each of them have an attitude that’s above Hollywood in a non-bitchy way; Woody is so lovable in whatever role he plays, Jesse has this Michael Cera-esque neurosis that seems like an exact, endearing duplicate of Cera’s character in Juno, Emma is a complete badass, and Abigail seems like Dakota Fanning, in that she’s a child star with her head screwed on straight. I realize that I just assumed, in that last paragraph, that I’m on a first-name basis with each of these actors, but let’s move past it.

So in zombieland, things move fast. Including the zombies. And that part actually kind of threw me off. I’m used to the slow-moving southern walkers from the AMC series, and taken into consideration how unlikely a zombie attack is, it seems more likely that they’d move slowly if they existed at all. Why would something dead have the muscle capacity to run? It makes no sense. Yet it wasn’t as scary! That’s weird, too. Anyway, yes, the zombies move fast, but so do the friendships and romances. But in the context of a dead apocalypse, I suppose fast equals reality. Why waste time?

One important thing to note is that Bill Murray makes a cameo as himself. And that’s just one of the many random, yet enjoyable references that this movie contains. None of them are really sensical, but this is a movie made for a specific type of person. It won’t have you rolling on the floor, it won’t scare the shit out of you either. It will, quite simply, put a genuine smile on your face. It’s good to know that these types of folks are out there in Zombielandβ€”and by Zombieland, I mean Hollywood.