How I Met Your Mother, Season 4

So I’m a little peeved with Comcast because they had been posting new episodes every week and were feeding my need, my need for HIMYM—and then they neglected to post the final two episodes of Season 4! Weak! Thank goodness for Netflix.

Anyway, I think the show climbed back on its humor horse this season, and in a good way. And Alyson Hannigan was knocked up for most of it! But they managed to hide her big belly well, as they did with Cobie Smulders. Flowie shirts, purses, the occasional hot dog eating contest. It was all pretty manageable.

I liked the Stella storyline, even if Ted was a total wuss about the whole thing. However, I’m not too sure about the whole Robin-Barney thing. There’s no chemistry. Which is weird, because NPH has chemistry with basically every actress who plays one of his many conquests. And Marshall and Lily are getting kind of boring. Marshall is STILL working for GNB, Lily is still a teacher, and they are STILL in love. So maybe I didn’t end up as satisfied with this season as I thought. In any case, the show is a sliver of its former greatness, and I just hope they can bring it back to that level and end it on a high note. We deserve that much, don’t we? And so does Ted, the poor bastard.