True Blood, Season 2

So, with the exception of Maryann being one of the least likable characters ever, this season was ridiculous in almost the best possible way. I grew to love Eric and Jessica, two characters that I pretty much didn’t care about before. And all the guest stars, from Evan Rachel Wood to Michelle Forbes to Mehcad Brooks to the Jesus people to the other shapeshifter to Lorena to Godrick to whoever the hell else invaded Bon Temps for the last 12 episodes, even though I can’t seem to recall all the names, it never really felt like there were too many characters. Within the context of the story, they were quite simple to keep track of.

I’m normally not a fan of overt symbolism or gawdy campiness, but this show oozes both of those things. Creator Alan Ball can deny the parallels to the gay community all he wants, but the story is right there in writing. And when it’s put into a vampire-related metaphor, the whole argument against civil rights and assimilation and equality just seems so stupid and ignorant. If people are dumb enough to need a TV show to tell them that, then let the show go on. Though if they’re against gay marriage and skeptical about equal rights, they probably weren’t tuning in anyway.

This show is, above all things, a visual wonder. And they really went all out this season, what with the bug eyes and the destruction of Gran’s house and the nature scenes and the beautiful houses and churches. It must be a fortune to create and destroy, all for the sake of art. But everyone does their jobs brilliantly. It also must be odd to come to work and believe that, even though you’re on a show about vampires, that you’re creating something smarter than that. It’s hard to believe, but I think they’re doing it. Sookie Stackhouse, as inconsistent as Paquin plays her accent, is an admirable heroine. Bill Compton is a hero, as is Eric Northman. They all have these protagonist qualities in them, which makes it hard to side with any one character. I think that’s why I hated Maryann so muchβ€”she offered nothing positive to the ensemble, only took it away.

True Blood is meant to be good, red fun. And it’s precisely that.


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  1. Nappy Rash · December 1, 2010

    i think that gay marriage should be allowed in certain states but not in other states -“-

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