The Blind Side

Hey y’all. After watching this movie, I may develop a twang like Sandy did. Anyhow, I think I get why ol’ Sandy won the Oscar. She was GOOD in this movie, much deeper and emotionally complex than she’s been in any other movie I’ve ever seen her in. Which may not be saying much, but still. It’s nice to know that she’s capable of it after all these years.

That being said, I feel like everyone else in this movie, except for the actor who played the tragically lovable Michael Oher, was a prop. Tim McGraw? Kathy Bates? What the hell were they doing in this movie? I mean, they’re both very talented in their own rights, but those parts could have been played by anyone. And the fact that the daughter, Collins, basically got thrown to the wayside, was really disappointing. I hope that didn’t happen in real life. I can believe that she and Michael grew to have a close sibling relationship, but I can also believe that it wasn’t nearly as seamless a transition between bro-sisterhood and having a huge random black guy under your roof that your mom seems to care more about. Oh, and as much as I love the kid who played SJ (Bo from FNL!), I have a hard time believing that any kid is witty. Kids are not witty. It’s a fact of life.

So, as far as feel-good movies go, this one’s a winner. A bit too long for what it was trying to say, which wasn’t actually anything, except maybe “Give people a chance.” But it was a beautiful story, and it gave Sandy what she deserved, so I’ll give it a thumbs-up I suppose.