When in Rome

You know what, don’t judge me for watching this. It had too many stars in it to pass up: Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Will Arnett, Dax Shepard, Danny DeVito, Anjelica Huston, Jon Heder. I mean, seriously. You’d think that with all that star power, something ddecent would have come of it. But, honestly, the best part was the credits at the end.

This movie was cookie-cutter in every way. Kristen Bell even had a not-so-hot friend, and Josh Duhamel did too (in Bobby Moynihan, no less). The premise was completely not believable, the actors were horribly used, the script was predictable, and KBell even did that thing that my boss alerted me to, where she goes in her room and closes the door and then leans her back against it, pensively and sadly. I think she did it twice. No one actually does that in real life. It’s a move ploy to convey some sort of emotion. Who knows. But anyway. What did I learn?

Remember that chick flick from a few years ago, The Holiday? And how it was way better than it should have been because it had all these awesome actors in it? And how I fell completely in love with Jude Law even though he was cheating on Siena Miller and he had that horrible fake tan? That’s basically how I came to feel about Josh Duhamel at the end of this silly movie. He has the fake tan, the cheating rumors, and yet I was completely charmed by him! I had never seen him in anything else, but I looked up his stats and apparently he was in Las Vegas? I’ll have to check that out. Way to win me over, Josh Duhamel. Now if only the whole movie was a massive dance sequence like the last 3 minutes.