The Breakfast Club

Finally, I feel like I’m apart of pop culture. I sat down and watched the John Hughes classic, and it wasn’t at all what I expected. It was way better.

I didn’t realize that this film took place in basically one room. I didn’t know there was profanity. I didn’t know that there wasn’t really a plot. It was just five brilliant teen actors (well, 20s I guess) being so real and honest and random and teenage. They represented their apathetic “brat pack” generation so purely… and while I’m a member of a different generation and thus can’t fully understand what that means, I did gather that there was something distinct about being a teen in the 80s. Not having anything to stand for. Trying so hard to make yourself a cause because there was no cause. Rebelling against life because life wasn’t bad or good. These five characters were so unique, and yet we only knew them for 90 minutes. What an accomplishment.

Another accomplishment of this movie is how we were able to simultaneously hate and love these five throughout. How it made sense for Bender and Claire to fall in love, and Allison and Andy to fall in love, and Bryan to represent what all of them meant in a simple essay. It wasn’t cheesy. It was simply beautiful, and no amount of over-hype will undermine this awesome movie. See it, and be apart of American pop culture. Plain and simple.