Dexter, Season 2

I watched 2/3 of this season in a single day, and it was epic. Let me tell you. And then I waited like 5 days for the final disc and final episode, and it was a huge letdown! I’ll also tell you about that.

Michael C. Hall is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the two best actors on television right now (the other being Fringe’s John Noble). He embodies this character in a way that no other artist could, he simultaneously scares the shit out of you and earns all your sympathy. He involves you in the story in an incredibly intricate way. This season was enjoyable (up until the end at least) because of the chase… Sgt. Doakes was on Dexter’s tail, Keith Carradine was on Dexter’s tail, Dexter was on his own tail, Dexter was getting some tail from Lila whatserface… all of it was very exciting. But when the season endedβ€”when Dexter RANDOMLY SHOWED UP IN PARIS TO KILL LILAβ€”I thought I was going to laugh out loud. That’s ridiculous! It’s like the ending of The Departed! Merely for the easy-to-please fans or some shit. I don’t know. I found it very unsatisfying. Also, the fact that Doakes was singed to death rather than chopped up like all of Dexter’s other victims was very anti-climactic. I almost wish that Doakes’ and Lila’s deaths had been switched.

It’s disturbing that a show like Dexter will even make you think about things like this seriously, but I really do recommend that everyone watch this show. It’s hard to take at first, and then it just consumes you. Deb (played by the way-too-in-shape Jennifer Carpenter) is so likable, Angel (David Zayas) is so charming, Rita (Julie Benz) is so lovable. They’re all so cool, and you want them to get the hell out of Dexter’s life, and yet you don’t want Dexter to be alone with himself. It’s complicated, to put it simply, but it’s worth it.