The Mighty Ducks

I have a vivid yet vague memory of watching this movie at my aunt’s house in Michigan. I remember more about sitting on the floor of the living room, and what the carpet looked like, and how I was probably eating a Kogel dog, and how my cousin was enjoying himself immensely, than the details of the actual movie. Which is why I decided to watch it again.

And damn it if I didn’t get totally pumped at the end! Of course I knew what was going to happen. Emilio/Gordon was going to get the girl, Charlie/Pacey was going to score the goal, and the Ducks were going to win. That was all set up on a silver platter from minute one. It’s a Disney movie for Pete’s sake. But this is one of those great sports-but-not-too-much-sports movies. And hockey certainly doesn’t get enough love in the lower half of the country. And they even throw in an occasional “hell” just to make it edgy. Just watch it if you want to feel good. That is all.