Dave Matthews Band, 8.28.10

At this point in my DMB-concert-watching career, I consider myself a veteran. This was my 6th show, so I don’t think it’s inappropriate to go out on that limb. But, friends, my fellow concert-goer hit the quarter-century mark with this same show. I’m not talking birthdays here; he’s only 23. Nope. This was his 25th show. To Sean, I say, at least you’re aware that you need help.

On with the show. Honestly, I’ve seen better. The show opened bold with “The Last Stop,” but got a bit dull several times over. The setlist as a whole was too slow and too “esoteric,” a word Sean used that I’d like to steal because I think it’s accurate. DMB concerts are fun for the fans because we like to see which transitions he uses for which songs, which songs will appear, how many words we can scream. For me, at least, this concert allowed me few opportunities for all of that ridiculous nonsense. Too many slow songs + too many new songs + a much needed tune-up at the beginning of the second song = mediocre. Maybe it’s because my last show was Outside Lands, which was phenomenal. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t really SEE Dave and the crew. Maybe it’s because I didn’t listen to any Dave intentionally, starting a month out or so. I don’t know. But I just didn’t feel it during this concert.

I was, however, glad to hear “Cornbread” and “Two Step,” two of my absolute favorite live songs. And the performance of Two Step may have been the best one I’ve ever heard. But DMB needs to take a rest, not to improve their skills or anything, they’re still so tight and in sync, but to concentrate on what the fans want. We want what we’ve heard a thousand times. Or at least I do. Next summer will be empty without these men filling a lazy evening, but at least 2012 will be twice as epic.

Oh, and Leroi? Still missed.