Coupling, Series 1

Laugh tracks need to shut up and die.

Whew, got that out of the way. Now I can concentrate on how incredibly ambivalent I am towards this series. See, I love the male characters—Jack Davenport as Steve, Ben Miles as Patrick, and ESPECIALLY Richard Coyle as Jeff (swooooooooooon) are absolutely adorable. But the female characters are absolutely insufferable! I hate all three of them, and I’d never want to be friends with any of them. So it balances out to ambivalence. I applaud the acting and everything, Sarah Alexander’s most notably, but they’re all so self-absorbed. It’s irritating.

This show is supposed to be the British response to “Friends,” but the big fat difference is that all six Friends are really likable. Even Rachel. And that’s saying a lot. On Friends, each of the six characters get equal play, too, but on Coupling, it’s all about Steve and Susan, who quite frankly are the most boring characters. I latched onto Jeff immediately, who did get his own hysterical episode where he had a non-conversation with an Israeli woman who didn’t speak English. But other than that, nada. And Sally and Jane were probably so unlikable because we never got a chance to feel otherwise about them. Perhaps I’ll read up on how the rest of this series plays out, but I’m not interested in the rest. The show’s occasionally funny lines don’t make up for its awful players.