For the past month or so, I was really pissed at basically the whole world for building up this movie. Every comment I heard used every synonym for “brilliant” and “mindblowing” and “Oscar-worthy” and I hated everyone who said this because I knew I was going to like it but didn’t want it to fall short of all these overdone expectations! I don’t sound like I’m complaining, right? I think it’s a valid point. There’s nothing worse (pop-culture wise, anyway) than being super stoked to watch something (another case in point for me: Freaks and Geeks) and then be grossly disappointed by its mediocrity.

Well, let me grab my dead horse and beat it a few times, because SHIT this movie was good.

All the IMDb forums are dead-on, at least the few I’ve perused. Numerous users venture to say that it’s a perfect movie, and it really is. Of course, no work of art is without its faults (because everything is imperfect, duh)—the big one for me is that I wish the other actors (like that snappy British guy) had gotten a bit more dialogue so they could stretch their acting chops. But that’s my only qualm with the movie, really. It was absolutely riveting. The premise stays with you, forces you to think about your own dreams and motivations and desires and secrets and everything, and it makes you question reality (kind of like when you watched The Truman Show, that movie did it for me, though it isn’t on the same level as this one). I actually don’t want to say too much about the premise because I think the less you know, the more you’re inclined to pay attention to the details and actually absorb the whole movie. It’s not quite as confusing as everyone says it is, though I know I’d benefit from a second or third viewing. But it’s just so engrossing! It’s science fiction without all the nerdy vocab and monsters and shit. It’s just… a great story.

Leo DiCaprio was, of course, fantastic. He’s so subtle and believable (except as a father, that babyface of his will haunt him for the rest of his life) and definitely deserves an Oscar nom for the literal layers that he gave to Dom Cobb. And I was so pleased to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page given roles in a non-quirky-indie-comedy way. They have serious sides to them, too, and they deserve to exercise ’em. And Ken Watanabe… I just really like typing his name, okay?

The biggest props, though, go to director/genius Chris Nolan, who created this whole thing. The man is brilliant. He got ME into Batman movies (well, just the one) and he knows how to write one hell of an intriguing mindfuck of a story (have you seen Memento? I still don’t know what happened, but in the best way) Anyway, this movie is probably going to win Best Picture and for once, I’m not jaded about it. It’s the best movie of the year so far (not that I’ve seen many) and it deserves the accolades it’s receiving. Fancy that!