How I Met Your Mother, Season 3

Well, I can definitely tell that the show is deteriorating, but it’s okay. I’m still loyal. I still love these five people a little too much.

While I wasn’t a fan of how little material they gave to Robin—save for the glorious “Sandcastles in the Sand”—I do like how much they gave Barney. He really shined in this season, as did Ted. So props to Josh Radnor and NPH, and be still my heart. I’m not sure about this whole Robin-Barney romance thing, but the fact that I know it goes on for at least another season means that they had to have thought it out a bit, so I’ll give it a chance. Bring on Season 4!

I also liked Stella a lot. I mean, Sarah Chalke is hard not to love. She seems like one of those celebrities that you could actually be friends with. And she had cute, normal chemistry with Radnor. Not fake chemistry like his actual girlfriend at the time, Lindsay Price, who also guest-starred along with 23092309 other people this season. Britney was eh. James Van Der Beek was eh, but in the Canadian better way.

Oh, Marshall and Lily were kind of boring. But again, I’ll take it. I’ll slog through it if I have to, just to get to another slapsgiving.