Friday Night Lights, Season 1

I guess it comes down to “Wow.” Wow to Netflix for freakishly predicting what I like, wow to the producers for so gracefully adapting a movie to the small screen, wow to the camera men for experimenting with different lenses and not having it look pretentious, wow to the actors for making me really feel for people I don’t think I could be more different from. I know you might think it sounds cheesy, but this show, for all its beautiful people and heightened drama, really describes what it means to be human.

In the small town of Dillon, Texas, nothing else matters but football. Football takes precedence over school, family, friends, lovers, pretty much everything. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch, especially as a former student of a high school that didn’t even have a football team. The town knows everything about itself, the town propels its players into superstardom, and the town practically sets itself up for failure. The town also produces some of the best, most conflicted characters ever on TV.

At first I was unimpressed with the show — it’s a slow burn type of experience, one that really hits you and grows on you. I immediately became attached to Jason Street, because the idea of a star athlete becoming paralyzed is tragic on every level. But as I kept watching, I started feeling a deep connection to all of these people: Coach Taylor, the man who controls the town and is controlled by the town; Smash Williams, the loudmouthed running back; Lyla Garrity, the bad good girl who makes your heart ache; Matt Saracen, the boy who needs confidence; and, my favorite of all, Tim Riggins. It’s so refreshing to see someone as beautiful as Taylor Kitsch perform so breathatkingly honestly. He’s just SO GOOD. As is Scott Porter, as is Connie Britton, as is Minka Kelly. I mean, this show contains a whole slew of standouts, but those are my favorites. I think my favorite parts of the whole season were Riggins and Lyla’s affair (intense passion, yet so short-lived) and Riggins’ interaction with his neighbor, Bo. Seriously, some of the cutest stuff you’ll ever watch.

Football is my least favorite sport to watch, but I can’t get enough of these people. Highly recommended.