Weeds, Season 2

Oh, Weeds. Just when I thought I was out, you pulled me back into the weird, wild world of Agrestic. I’m not like a diehard fan of this show or anything, but for some reason I can’t find a reason not to watch it. Mary Louise Parker is also one of those mesmerizing people, and the kiss between Nancy and BoneConrad (sorry, there was this dude named Conrad that used to play trombone in my friend’s band, and my friend called him Bone-rad, so it’s a habit) was awkwardly spectacular. Just as new and exciting for me as it was for them, I imagine.

But the real joy of this season is Andy. I swear to god, that masturbation soliloquy was one of the most brilliant pieces of comedy I’ve ever seen. Watch it if you haven’t before. He’s the best part of the show. Besides Elizabeth Perkins, who is magnificent in her own way.

I’m sad to see Silas’ hot deaf girlfriend leave. I was just really starting to like her. Oh, well. In the meantime, I guess I have some weird stuff to look forward to. I hear this show really jumps the shark later on, but I’ve got it on demand for free so I may as well see what’s up. I know that’s not the most stellar endorsement but, seriously, it’s got some fun writing. And it’s very Diablo Cody-esque, in the sense that parents don’t bother censoring themselves in front of their kids. I sort of feel like that’s becoming the norm, and I don’t necessarily have a problem with it. Over and out.