Entourage, Season 2

Hey, wait a minute. I’m not a douche.

I felt the need to defend myself before composing the rest of this post because I feel like saying “Hey, I watched Entourage last night!” causes some sort of allergic reaction in most people. Maybe now that’s fair; I’ve heard that the show started sucking and continues to suck. But note the headline: I just watched the second season, and excuse me for saying it, but it was awesome.

Whatever accolades that have been thrust upon Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven as a result of their portrayals of Johnny Drama and Ari Gold, respectively, are wholly deserved. WHOLLY. These two men literally made me laugh out loud on a show that’s not really known for its humor. Because of them, however, it should be. Dillon carries himself with the air of a compassionate asshole, if there is such a thing. He’s got this walk, much like Gob from Arrested Development, but with slightly fewer delusions. He’s proud of his fight with a motorist airing on Celebrity Justice, but he also wants to make sure that the chicken he cooked on the grill is just right. It’s the little things.

And then there’s Piven. The man coined his own perfect catch-phrase, “Let’s hug it out, bitch,” and he made it so that anyone else who says it sounds like a prize idiot. He colors his performance with little twitches, like visibly cleaning his teeth with his tongue, or even big ones, like spazzing out as he got up from the couch. And then there’s Lloyd. Lloyd may have been Entourage’s most brilliant move. For the first season, Ari had Hot Female Secretaries, which put the show in cliche territory. But Lloyd is a Gay Male, and he adds something so damn different to the show, a relationship between a gay man and a straight man that I wouldn’t think would have a gay man as a friend or employee. Theirs is such a sweet situation, one that’s both full of respect and loaded with insults, and takes away the overdone notion that a powerful man in Hollywood has to have a hot secretary to cheat on his wife with. Anyway.

The celebrity cameos are great too. Brooke Shields has to work with (all of) Drama, Mandy Moore breaks Vince’s heart, Bob Saget creeps everyone out, and Lamar Odom makes Kevin Connolly look like that one dude from The Station Agent who, coincidentally, also guest-starred.

Point being. Entourage is not a douchey show. At least not the season I watched. It’s hilarious, it’s chill, it’s interesting, and it’s surprisingly heartwarming. The plot actually got me to care more about the characters this season; I was rooting for Vince to power through his Mandy heartbreak and score Aquaman, I was rooting for Turtle to pursue managing Saigon, I was rooting for E to start dating Sloan because she is way too hot for him. And I’m rooting for you, if you’re a hater, to become a lover (or at least a liker or a tolerator) of this show. Give it a try, at the very least for Kevin Dillon.