The Men Who Stare At Goats

I remember seeing the poster for this movie and being all excited about it. Clooney. Spacey. Bridges. McGregor. What’s not to love about that lineup?

Turns out, everything. This movie su-ucked. Parts of it were funny, but as my roommate said, it can be a funny movie and still suck. It was slow, anti-climactic, and just plain weird, which is a damn shame because the premise is really quite interesting. I was very curious to learn more about this special division of the army, the psychic spies, and see how a story would be told around them. Instead, the acting chops of these four very fine gents were barely exercised. It was like they were putting on a really poorly written school play that only made sense to the one guy who wrote it, and he was single so he never had a girlfriend to run it by. You know. That sort of thing.

Anyway, Clooney is mesmerizing any way you slice it, as is Bridges, but even I struggled to get through it. I definitely fell asleep a couple times and don’t think I missed anything. Don’t waste your time, guys. Go watch O Brother, Lebowski, American Beauty, and the Ewan movie of your choice if you’re looking to see any of these guys in a quirky comedic role.