How I Met Your Mother, Season 2

This season wasn’t quite as legen-wait for it-dary as the first season, but it sure as heck ended that way! Seriously, what a brilliant season finale/line. Barney Stinson lends himself to so many genius comedic moments that I totally forgive NPH for overacting.

Let’s see, this was the season that Robin and Ted got together and broke up, Marshall and Lily broke up and got back together and got married, and Ted didn’t really date anyone interesting. This was the season of Robin Sparkles and Ted’s annoying-ass boss Bryan Cranston, or whatever his character’s name was. This was also the season where Lily lived in a closet, and then with Barney, and where Robin’s dogs became men for a brief time. I think the thing I love most about this show is how freakin’ COHESIVE it is. No plot point is left unturned, no joke is left hanging, and viewers are really, truly rewarded for sticking with the show. Inside jokes of theirs become ours, and the characters really get funnier with time. All the flashbacks and fill-in-the-blanks are so accurate to how people actually tell stories. I love that. And I know I said in my last HIMYM redux that I wanted to be the mother, and I still do, but I might be falling in love with Jason Segel a little bit, so yeah. This should be interesting. I can’t decide. He’s so consistent as that character! Well, as any character, really.

I listened to Terry Gross interview him on Fresh Air, and it made me respect him even more. He’s a screenwriter, an actor, a musician even. And he’s so NORMAL! And he’s not trying to be the best at anything. Anyway. I love him. And Radnor. And the ladies. Okay, a love fest. Can’t wait for all the good guest stars coming up in the next seasons.