Desperate Housewives, Season 3

With the exception of the “Marcia Cross is plainly pregnant/absent” phase, this season was awesome. I read up on it and it turns out that Marc Cherry got a lot of flack for Season 2, which looking back was AWFUL, because let’s face it, Betty Applewhite was the least Wisteria person I have ever seen. I’m not saying that because she’s black. Only a little bit. But seriously, season 2 was a disaster. Season 3 was like a godsend. All the new characters — Ian, Austin, Alma, Laurie Metcalf’s crazy-ass gun-wielding chick, Nora — they all fit like a glove into this wack world.

I think my favorite was Ian, mostly because he was hot, male, and British. But what a great character! And how great to have a love interest that lasts more than like 2-4 episodes. I also loved Nora, and I’m convinced that actress could get away with playing Mary Louise Parker’s sister for the rest of her life. That’s a compliment. Some of the storylines were a little forced, like Orson’s mother-in-law being a complete bitch, or Lynette pretend-cheating on Tom, or Tom’s bastard-child Kayla being a huge asshole of a kid, but this is Wisteria. It rhymes with hysteria for a reason.

I will say that the show lost a bit of its marbles once Bree left. Marcia Cross got all knocked up, and then she had to be placed on bedrest. I see why they had to do all the hidden-stomach shots and all that, but it was so TACKY looking. Maybe it was just because I knew beforehand, I don’t know. But the show got so bad during that time. Like when Bree fell off the ladder? And then when Rex Van De Camp came in for a guest voice-over? It was a cute attempt, especially to tell the stories of the men, but it was executed so sloppily. Bad makeup and hair and props and all that. Come on, Cherry. You could have done better.

I do love the fact that Gaby is getting on John Slattery, though. What a hottie. So glad to see him. I think the whole Carlos-Edie thing is a bit far-fetched, though, and now I can see why people always say “Love Edie, hate what they did to her character.” She’s not supposed to turn into a mother or a non-slut. I kinda hope she goes back to her old ways in Season 4, at least temporarily, because that personality change in real life could only be attributed to a lobotomy or a born-again type of situation, and it looks like Edie Britt experienced neither of those things. It was just weird.

All those complaints aside, this season was not nearly as tedious as the last one, because the mysteries were a little shorter! By like 3/4 of the way through, the Orson thing was resolved. He was a decent guy. And the Austin thing didn’t last long either. The mysteries were contained well. It was just… manageable. I’m looking forward to next season for one reason, mostly: Nathan Fillion.