Gossip Girl, Season 1

Oh, how I hate to admit how much I ended up enjoying this show. Oh, how I hate to admit how great all the pretty people were at acting. And how pretty the clothes were. This show reeks of aesthetics, but like Josh Schwartz’s other teenage masterpiece, The OC, there’s a hell of a lot more to it than that.

I’d like to attribute it to Cecily Von Ziegesar, but according to Disc 5’s special features, the characters in the show are way different from how they were in the books, so I feel like a lot of the characters are actually the responsibility of someone else. In any case, I love them all. I’m pretty sure that I went from finding Ed Westwick peculiar and overexposed to fascinating and sexy as hell. Chace Crawford looked like a generic Abercrombie face until I realized how deep he could go. Penn Badgely looked like the shrimp who bagged Blake Lively until I saw how freaking charming he was. And Leighton Meester looked like a generic Ralph Lauren face, too, until I saw how deep she could go. In fact, Blake Lively (and Jessica Szohr, kinda) might be the weakest of the lot in terms of her acting skills, and I just want to point out that I have a huge girl crush on her. HUGE. She is SO HOT. She can wear a dress made of Natty Light cans and rock that shit.

I have to say that I hated HATED the Georgina Sparks storyline. I hated it because it was really painful to watch, and then it seemed resolved after like 3 episodes. That was kind of stupid. Also, Trachtenberg is not my favorite. She kind of sucks. I have never found her pleasant to watch on screen, even though I love her look. It’s just so hard to watch chemistry like Penn and Blake’s be broken up by something so obviously sweeps-y. They really do have a beautiful on-screen chemistry, as do all the other characters, and it’s just so damn NICE to watch people my age be so COMFORTABLE on screen with each other. The OC was great and everything, but freaking Mischa Barton was just the worst. She had no chemistry whatsoever with any of her fellow actors, except maybe for the woman who played her mother. But that was a different type of chemistry. Also, I digress.

The city of New York should be thanking its lucky stars for a show like this. It looks absolutely magnificent in every shot, maybe because this is a show about rich people, but still. Even Sex and the City made it look shitty once in awhile. On Gossip Girl, the city is more than a canvas. It’s not a character, but it’s a playground. A glittering, immaculate playground. Even Brooklyn looks beautiful. Hell, Brooklyn is beautiful, what do I know?

I’m also really impressed by the parents’ storylines, particularly that of Rufus and Lily, and I think I already know what happens to them, but it’s still a good one. The rocker and the rich girl. We’ve seen it before, yet it pulls us in every time. I adore the actors. They certainly kick the rest of the parents’ asses.