Sherlock Holmes

As I said to Andrea when we were exiting the theater, “I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in a long time.” Seriously! As a disclaimer, I haven’t read a single Sherlock Holmes book, so I wasn’t really expecting anything other than an action movie starring two gorgeous men. And that’s what I got, except it was (WARNING: CLICHE) so much more than that.

Robert Downey, Jr. might be the most talented actor working right now (besides Meryl Streep, of course). He can create a personality out of thin air, one that’s deep and believable and layered, and that’s the mark of a true actor. I haven’t yet seen Iron Man, but I think it’s the only comic book-related film I’m remotely interested in (besides Spiderman and the Dark Knight.) And in Sherlock Holmes, he created a very ill, very intelligent, very fascinating man. It’s a good thing that the end of the movie left no doubt in my mind that there’d be a sequel!

I also want to give major props to whoever came up with the RDJ-Jude Law combination. A match made in straight woman-gay man heaven, not to mention a match of wit. The two of them play off each other so well, it’s a wonder they haven’t worked together before. My only complaint? The lack of chemistry between each of the men and their ladies. But there’s that whole theory that Holmes and Watson were, um, close, so I guess it’s fine. And even if Rachel McAdams and RDJ had zero chemistry, at least she didn’t have to fake a British accent or sit on the wayside, waif-ing it. She rocked the kung fu moves and the pantsuit. That is, when she wasn’t rocking the awesome petticoat skirt thingy. Man, I wish fashion were still that fluffy sometimes.

More on those kung fu moves: This movie had a standard Hollywood amount of violence, but it was definitely more tolerable than the usual violence porn running rampant in most movies nowadays, because it was filmed in such a way that made every swipe, every punch, every kick, every maneuver logical, deliberate, necessary. That’s pure genius—and it’s much appreciated by those of us who aren’t interested in a stream of masturbatory blow-ups. no pun intended. I especially liked how the action scenes were incorporated seamlessly into the special effects—that fight scene with all the chains and the big dude swinging at the props holding the boat up? Awesome.

And, even if you’re not all into the story, you get to see an almost-nude RDJ. It’s a win for everyone.