TV on the Radio, Dear Science

About a year ago, I remember most of my writers making a Huge Fucking Deal about this album. TV on the Radio is God. TV on the Radio is coming to the Warfield. I must tell you about TV on the Radio. That sort of thing. With my Important Editor Duties, I avoided this so-called “new music” and sunk deep into my Michael Jackson/Eric Prydz haze and proceeded to absorb as much AP Style as humanly possible. Then I graduated, went to Outisde Lands, saw said weird-acronym’d band in person, and gained some respect for their little outbursts. Hey, these guys are pretty fun to watch! Hey, that guy was in “Rachel Getting Married”! Hey, that guy has sweet hair!

So I bought the “best album of the year” according to many sources beyond my circle. And I listened to it. And … drumroll please … seriously? THAT WAS IT? THAT WAS THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR? SOMEONE EXPLAIN PLEASE.

I really don’t get it. I mean, they have some catchy beats and interesting melodies, but I’ve heard better music. I’ve heard a lot of better music, actually, and yet this little thing was at the top of every Top 10 last year. Granted, I think these guys are a live band, which is surprising because of all the electronic nuances and the lack of stage presence provided by the lead guitarist, but DAMN was I underwhelmed. I couldn’t HEAR a lot of the music. It was all covered up by those damn electronics. And all the mumbling.

Throw me a bone here, people. Tell me I’m ignorant.