The Wire, Season 2

I confess I finished this awhile ago (and have since finished Buffy, Season 1 and a few other things). But I remember hearing from other Wired peeps that this season was so-so. Maybe it was. I can’t really tell. I’m not as pretentious as most Wire fans — and by that, I mean that I admit I understand maybe 40% of the dialogue. It’s all police mumbo-jumbo. Man, I hate when people can’t admit to liking something partially because it’s above them. I admit that fully. I actually read something about pretentiousness in the Mad Men viewership today and I liked it, because I am one of those people.

That was a digression. But here goes. I guess I can see why people thought Season 2 was underwhelming. The action was a little more predictable, the dialogue was a little more deliberate, and the Dominic West wore a stupid hat with ear flaps for, like, half of it. But I think I was able to get into this season a little more precisely because it was dumbed down a teeny bit. The characters explained stuff. Okay, maybe it made for less believable lines, but at least I understood it! I could follow their logic as they were thinking it, rather than seeing why they did what they did after the case was solved. And now that I’ve gotten the lay of the land, I feel very confident about delving into Season 3.

Other things. Firstly, both Lance Reddick and Dominic West are shirtless in this season, and many thanks are owed to whoever made those decisions. West tends to take his shirt off a lot, and I am not opposed to that. But who knew that beneath those oversized suits and that bony Daniels (almost said Broyles! whoops.) exterior lay a FIERCELY CUT CHEST??? Seriously. Check that OUT.

The newcomers this season — Amy Ryan, every single dockworker — were phenomenal. They didn’t even seem like they were acting. It was like HBO went in a did a job to stake out a Baltimore dock, and let it play out with all its mundane conversations and cryptic codes and everything. A work of art, and an interesting one at that. It’s just too bad that the end of this case was so … anticlimactic. Kinda leaves you with a foul taste when they don’t solve the crime with a triumph, like the first one, but it is refreshing to see cops portrayed as heroes, not the heroic. Inevitably the Greeks will stir up some trouble, as will Stringer Bell (who, by the way, had the hottest scene of the season with D’Angelo’s woman). And what about Nicky? Pablo Schreiber impressed the hell out of me. This entire cast needs to act more.

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  1. Christine · October 21, 2009

    1. Cedric Daniels is fox. Is this the season he’s in just his boxers? Oh god, that was gorgeous.
    2. I thought the acting in this season was kinda terrible, especially Nick’s breakdown in the playground. Too much.
    3. Get back to me when you see season 4, my favorite one.

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