(500) Days of Summer

Yo! Spoiler alert!

Normally I don’t do this. But I have to do it. The last line in this movie might be the most brilliant line or last line or whatever, ever in the history of movies. I realize that, as someone who has not and never will see every movie ever made (a fun thought though!), this statement is a bit … shall we say … exaggerated. But I’m going to stand by my statement, especially as an aspiring screenwriter. Also a bit exaggerated. But you never know.

Like, I bet the writer of this film wrote the whole thing around that line. I certainly hope he did, because IT’S SO GOOD. The joke has probably been made a hundred times before, but it worked so damn perfectly. It saved this movie from being completely depressing, and it also saved this movie from having a cheesy ending. Case in point: Boy chases after girl named Summer, boy loses girl named Summer, boy sinks into terrible funk, boy comes out of funk and introduces himself to new girl, new girl replies with, “Hi, I’m Autumn.” WHAT I WOULD NOT GIVE TO WRITE THAT LINE.

The funny thing is, the script wasn’t incredibly dazzling. Or maybe it was. I guess it wasn’t the words, save for those at the end, that weren’t impressive so much as the assembly of everything. The whole thing was taken out of context, out of chronological order, out of its natural environment in time to tell a specifically “boy meets girl” but not “love” story. It was really refreshing, as everyone seems to be saying, mostly because FOR ONCE, THE GIRL FUCKS IT UP. Granted, I’m sorta pissed at Zooey Deschanel’s character for totally not helping us ladies out, but frankly, it happens. Girls do change their minds. Girls don’t make up their minds, either. And both of those real, actual circumstances were made clear in this movie. Summer was kind to Tom, but she obviously never loved him. He, however, was blindly in love, and she should have seen that. Maybe she should have let herself fall a little, too. Point is, it’s a real story. Shit like this happens all the time. Thank God someone made a movie about it, and thank God someone included these two sexy individuals to tell it, too. Storyline aside, I would never turn down Joseph Gordon-Levitt. What a fine individual he has turned into.

If you’re used to happy endings, this film will piss you off. But if you’re looking for a change of pace, in more than one way, this film will make you laugh. And think. And hope that the direction of Hollywood is changing, even if it takes the indies to make the first move. We were all disillusioned by the movies into thinking that fairytales do come true — maybe this is the first film to go against the grain. Cinderella could go back to housecleaning — after all, it is a recession.


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  1. Caz · September 7, 2009

    Enjoyed your review.

    Yes that last line was just WOW. Especially as my friend had turned to me joking on ooo she must be autumn. You can imagine how much we laughed when she said that was her name.

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