How weird am I that I watched a movie about a font? Well, I’m not as weird as my mother. She’s the graphic designer who picked out the movie in the first place. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the treeโ€”or, if I may interject a little computer humor, the serift doesn’t branch far from the character (I’ll be here all week!!!)โ€”because I totally liked this movie. I’m not going to say I LOVED it, because I didn’t. You can’t LOVE a movie about a font. Maybe my mom can. I don’t think she did. That’s beside the point. I really did like it, though.

You don’t realize how freaking prevalent the font is. American Apparel’s logo is Helvetica. Metro stations use it. Jeep uses it. Lufthansa uses it. It’s EVERYWHERE. No, seriously. It’s all over the place. It’s where you don’t expect it. It’s Big Brother. Except it’s aesthetically pleasing and clean and modern and pretty instead of IGNORANCE IS BLISS. Or maybe ignorance is bliss, since you didn’t know about this before and you seemed pretty happy. MUAHAHAHhahahaha.

Look, most people would find it boring. The variations, the weight, the use, the invention, the print vs. web style, the European culture, the American culture. It’s all in this movie. So if you admit to being a slight weirdo like my mom and I, you might consider this. And afterwards, talk to us about Gill Sans. It deserves a movie, too.