High School Musical 3: Senior Year

For the first time in the trilogy, I actually felt like I was watching something theatrical with this one. You know, slightly awkward but charming interludes of emotional, staged joy! It took me awhile to realize that they were doing this on purpose, playing out the scenes of the play within the movie, “Senior Year,” and that these interludes were pieces of the whole production-within-a-production. Whatever. It was actually pretty cute and Chad (Corbin Bleu) had a basketball suit. Like a tux. I want one.

So I’ll continue to give my props while I’m still riding the wave of that suit. I definitely think this film had the best dancing of the three; choreography in general has changed in the 3ish years it’s been since they made the first HSM and the actors have gotten both older and more coordinated. I was a fan of the Greased Lightning-esque sequence in the junkyard (though the actual premise was way cheesy and Zac Efron wore a bandana around his head for absolutely no reason), especially when mini-Troy and mini-Chad came out. So cute. I still can’t describe how cute that was.

BUT. The plot? A little confusing. And a little messed up. And a little too deep for a Disney movie. Case in point: It was NOT obvious that Gabriela AND her mom were moving to California, it was UNCOOL for Troy to tell her not to go and, um, what was up with the song wherein Troy dances around the school at night and sings, “What’s it all mean?” Those are not okay with me. They basically tried to shove college-aged emotions into a movie about highschoolers targeted at tweens. I mean, deciding on college was tough, but it wasn’t this DRAMATIC. No one made TWO SPEECHES at graduation. No one can DANCE in GOWNS. This is forcing me to use caps lock and I don’t like it. NOT ONE BIT.

Sorry. Don’t get me wrong. Efron totally de-shirted and, at his HSM3 age, it was finally okay for me to drool a little. Also, I definitely cried at the end. The movies are cute! Really. I just wish this one would have followed the natural progression of maturity … naturally.


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