Pixar is like that long-lost slightly older cousin you have. You totally hung out a bunch when you were younger, but then you both got older and sort of grew apart because you were interested in different things. Occasionally you hang out, and when you do, it’s awesome because they remind you of being a kid again and because they’re so incredibly cool. And then when it’s time to part ways you wish you spent more time with them.

Sometimes I surprise myself with how good my analogies are.

But seriously. This film is GOOD. Like, mature themes good, beautiful animation good, silly characters good, awesome East bay ice cream shop reference good (WHAT UP FENTON’S!). It’s so beautifully sweet and poetic and detailed and I think I used all of these adjectives every time I talk about Pixar. The only beef I have is with the name. “Up” is a really hard name to google for movie times, people. Think about that. There is all sorts of weird shit that pops up when you google a word like that. Thank goodness the movie is popular.

Anyway, like I said, excellent. I don’t want to ruin it, actually, but I will say that I’ve never seen such complex characters in a cartoon before. I don’t watch Anime, so I don’t know if I’m offending anyone here, but SRSLY. I think I learned more about myself in the first 10 minutes of this film by watching the life of an old man go by than I did in the Film 50 class I took at Cal. I realize that sentence had a lot of clauses. Sorry. It’s late.

This film also takes advantage of COLORS, but not in a disney-slap-happy kind of way. There are balloons, which almost coalesce into a separate character, but there are deep, rich and even scary colors in the coats of the dogs, which I hope you’ll find out about on your own. And I swear, Pixar seriously just keeps getting better. The expressions on the faces of the characters are so real, as are the movements of their hair, the forrows of their brows, the blinking of their eyes. It’s fascinating, it’ll probably make you cry like a baby but it’s totally worth it. Best Animated Feature category, watch out.