The Decemberists, 11.25.08

I know what you’re thinking: “That show happened 6 months ago. Are you crazy/lazy/in possession of a photographic memory?” The answers, respectively, are yes, yes and no. But I’m posting about this concert for a few reasons. Firstly, I’m seeing the Decemberists tomorrow night, and I thought it would be absurd to post about the November concert after the May one. Lawlz. And I have to post about it, because it would be weighing on my Conscience if I didn’t.

Secondly, I wanted to note that I went to the concert alone. I was supposed to go with a friend, but she bailed and I couldn’t find a replacement myself. Even though I met up with friends afterward for a few minutes, who were seated in a different area of the Warfield, I have to say that going to concerts alone really, really sucks. Movies alone are fine. Great, even. But a concert is an experience meant to be shared. Any live experience is meant to be shared, really. I mean, think about it. Have you ever been to, like, a baseball game and your favorite player comes up to bat and you root loudly for that player? Would that be awkward if you weren’t sitting by anyone you know? Well, spread that feeling over the duration of the concert and you have my sentiments.

Maybe it was this pissy feeling that caused me not to like this show very much. It was my 4th (well, 3rd because I saw Colin solo in April, but whatever) time seeing them, which means I am irrational to most people, but I really just enjoy their concerts. I don’t even listen to their albums that much anymore, but the live shows are generally so fun and hilarious and innovative. This one, honestly, was a little on the boring side. I do remember discovering “Days of Elaine,” shown here being played the previous night in LA:

So all was not lost.

I hope tomorrow’s show rocks … I promise to post about it, like, afterwards. With more timeliness.