Burn After Reading

I know, like, everyone in the world made a big deal about how much of an awesome doofus Brad Pitt is in this movie. So I know I wouldn’t be making an original point by supporting that point, but I’m going to make the point anyway: Brad Pitt totally makes this movie.

I remember watching it with my parents and thinking, what exactly is the point? Do the Coen brothers like to cast the same people for the hell of it? They don’t like to work with anyone else? Their oeuvre is one big inside joke to them, only occasionally accessible to the outside world in the form of “No Country” or “O Brother”? Perhaps. Actually, I think so. They’re weird enough. It’s just … I don’t get them that well. They’re good directors; the films are cohesive and fluid and the shots are clear and usually really innovative. But the story is always sort of elitist. And sometimes, like in “Fargo,” I get it. But other times, like here, I don’t, so it seems like the movie is actually insulting you outright if you don’t get it. I mean, I’m fine with that. I just wish they would own up to it a little more. Many artists are like that. They alienate their audience on purpose. Whatever, cool. At least they said something.

The characters in this were interesting, to be sure, though I think it’s impossible to make George Clooney look anything like a suburban ho-hum. I remember in some “Making Of” doc, they were talking about how his jeans in the movie were supposed to fit incorrectly so he’d elude that slight ignorance of THE MIDDLE-CLASS EVERYMAN. But guess what? He’s George f’ing Clooney. He’d be hot wearing a suit made of twine, a boa and clown shoes. He does not look like he blends in, and he will never blend in. Case closed.

Frances McDormand: I used to like her. She’s good at what she does, but it’s weird to me that she’s married to a Coen and stars in Coen films. Branch out. Experience the directorial styles of someone other than your husband. And play someone smarter, for God’s sake.

Brad. No words. Just … this:

He's actually sort of unattractive! Weird.

He's actually sort of unattractive! Weird.


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  1. Cat · May 17, 2009

    Brad is amazing even if he is the doofus…funnily (a word?) enough, he’s still hot! haha

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