Parks and Recreation

I meant to post this after I watched the Pilot, but I thought I might let it ruminate a bit. You know, see if I decided it got better with time, like a fine wine. Or cheese. Or Paul Newman.

But it didn’t. This show sucks. I really hate to say it, too, because Amy Poehler is amazing (duh!) and she’s really trying hard with that god-awful character they’ve written for her. And Rashida Jones is pretty amazing, too; too bad she’s playing a carbon-copy Karen character (alliteration! wordplay!).

Supposedly the guys from “The Office” are involved in this one. Really? I hadn’t noticed from the STYLISTIC SAMENESS or the COMEDIC TIMING SAMENESS or the FACT THAT IT’S ON NBC. The characters look into the camera, the film has that documentary-like clarity to it, the jokes have the same feel. EXCEPT THIS STORYLINE SUCKS. I honestly don’t see how a show about a measly little town’s PnR crew will last. It’s got no potential and it’s really boring. I mean, I certainly hope they prove me wrong. It’s just that one measly little town (Scranton) and one mundane industry (paper) is enough. We don’t need two of these running around on the same network, dirtying up Poehler’s IMDb profile. Besides, she needs to get back to Archie & Will. Observe:

Archie asks: When can I say, "Hey, Brother!"